My passion is to help others and tell good stories. Whether you are the founder of a start-up company, the executive director of a non-profit, an author, or the president of a business, my years of expertise in marketing and communications can help you tell your story. My rates are hourly and available upon request.

Below is a list of the professional services I provide, but I’m always happy to meet and discuss your individual needs.


    • Corporate Communications
      Clear, concise, and consistent communications are a MUST in the business world. Do you need copy written for your next annual report? Do you need to develop messaging for print and digital campaigns? Maybe it’s as simple as a media advisory or press release. I have almost 10 years experience doing this work and am ready to help your business establish its brand.


    • Event Coordination
      Who doesn’t love a great party?! It’s so much fun to plan, isn’t it? As someone who has coordinated dozens of events, whether they be personal like my grandparents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary Party or for a job like the Neighborhood of Make-Believe Tour (which required the recruiting and management of 120 volunteers,) I know how challenging events can be. With a life-time of expertise (seriously, my family is notorious for its parties) in fundraising, branding, and private events, I’m confident I can help you put on a great party…and even have a little fun doing it!


    • Marketing and Promotions Planning
      Who are you trying to reach and what motivates them? I like to take a common sense approach to marketing and promotions planning. If it wouldn’t catch and keep your attention, let’s not do it. Your audience is out there waiting…let’s come up with a campaign that takes them from interested to buying.


    • Media Relations
      Journalism has changed. Newsrooms no longer have dozens of reporters waiting to receive your press release and cover the story. It takes relationships (which can be difficult to build if you can’t even find someone’s e-mail address or phone number on a website) and experience to get your story out there.┬áLet me maximize my expertise in working with print, broadcast, and digital media journalists and producers to help you get your story to the most people possible.


    • Non-Profit Fundraising
      Hoagies. Candy Bars. Happy Hours. When your resources are strained, you do what it takes to keep the doors open. But do you always want to be sinking, or swim? You have a really important mission, and failure is not an option. Let’s look at your goals and past fundraising models. Maybe there needs to be just a few tweaks; maybe you need a complete overhaul. I can help with one-time fundraising events, direct mail campaigns, digital fundraising, nurture campaigns, and more.


    • Project Management
      I LOVE projects. Maybe you have something small or something BIG coming up, but you don’t have the capacity to support it? Let’s discuss how we can make your project the success you need it to be.


    • Public Relations
      Like a company or a business, you have a brand. When people bring up your name, what do they say? Let’s make sure you’re in control of telling your story.


    • Social Media Management
      Someone once said, “It’s a jungle out there.” Many people feel this way about social media and the ever-growing list of platforms available. Where do you begin? How do you keep your content fresh, and relevant? Is it possible to manage a social media presence on multiple platforms effectively? Why not begin here.? I’ll teach you where to find content (in case you don’t have a team of writers on-hand) and how to manage telling your story on social media.


    • Website Consultation
      In the digital age, your website is easily the first place someone who’s interested in learning more about you and your story will go to find out more. Let’s make sure when they get there that you’re telling the right story with the right words and the right visuals.


    • And much more!
      Need a professional service you don’t see listed above? If I can’t help you, I might be able to steer you in the right direction.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you TODAY!